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This is a coloring book containing the linework of a dozen of my first and favorite paintings. There are spaces open in each picture for captions, haikus, thoughts, love notes, etc.


I am often creating art for the purpose of getting others to interact, communicate, and play with me. The idea of this book is to colaborate with others. I have supplied the line art, I encourage any participant to add color, or words, or any addition they feel drawn to do, and then pass it along to another willing participant to continue.

Another means by which to utilize this coloring book is as a series of notes, or sentiments, like a card, of which to give to you child or loved one to color. A card, might be looked at once, or twice, and thrown away.  By writing your own words of love, encouragement, positivity, and life advice, within the book before coloring, will allow your child or loved one many moments of meditative contemplation on your words throughout the coloring process.



Color-A-Boration Book!

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